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Feather the Owl Combo

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Say hello to our cutest essential oil diffuser yet: Feather the Owl. This exclusive, custom-designed ultrasonic diffuser functions as a humidifier, aroma diffuser, night-light, and white-noise machine—owl in one!
Kid friendly and simple to use, Feather the Owl features multiple diffusion modes, 10 LED light options, and 5 white-noise sounds.
• Feather works through the night, diffusing essentialoils for up to 10 hours.
• Feather features exclusive Easy-Touch Talons™
touch-sensitive power and light operation simple
enough for kids to use.
• Young Living has partnered with the nonprofit TracyAviary to promote owl conservation by protecting birds and their natural habitats.
Custom designed with kids in mind, this Young Living-exclusive diffuser is convenient, easy to use,and quite possibly the cutest on the market. This darling diffuser features an array of diffusion,light, and sound combinations so you canset the stage for play or winding down—all with the convenience of touch-sensitive controls.
• The most popular white-noise options were chosen to promote a peaceful night’s sleep.
• Feather offers run times 25-40 percent longer than competitor kids diffusers.
• Each diffuser is tested for quality and safety.
• Exclusive Easy-Touch-Talons™ offer touch-sensitive power and light operation simple enough for kids to use
• Diffuses your favorite essential oils and works perfectly with Young Living’s Lavender essential oil
• Three diffusion modes:
o High mode runs approximately 5-6 hours
o Low mode runs approximately 8 hours
o Intermittent mode runs for approximately
10 hours—1 minute on, 1 minute off
• Built-in speaker with five different sound variations:
o Rain, birds, ocean waves, fan, and lullaby
• Ten different LED light options to fit any mood
• Night-light and white noise function independently ofdiffuser mode