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USB Revitaliser

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This model is fitted with a USB connector (5V DC) and not 220V as the other models. It is smaller than the Leaf and Dome revitalisers. The USB revitaliser is currently available in two designs: Pig or Duck shape. This model comes standard with indigo coloured LED lights that shines while the revitaliser is in operation (LED = light-emitting diode).

It is ideal for use in office environments with limited power socket access or in a child's room where it can double up as a calming night light.

It filters up to 15m² of single volume air in an hour. It is pre-fitted with a USB connector and cord that can be connected to a free USB port on most electronic devices, such as a PC/laptop. Alternatively, a suitable USB adaptor (sold separately) may be used to plug it into a standard power socket. It also has a switch on top of the lid for ease of operation. Power rating of this model is a very economical 3W (about 75% less than an energy saving CFL light bulb).